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Logic Sept+

Discover the Cutting-Edge Logic Sept+: Zero Alcohol, Rich in Aloe Vera Experience unparalleled protection with Logic Sept+, a groundbreaking formula that combines the soothing benefits of 20% aloe vera with the powerful efficacy of 0% alcohol, ensuring 99.99% defense against harmful bacteria and viruses. This innovative disinfectant offers a comprehensive solution for safeguarding your health, providing a barrier against a wide range of pathogens including bacteria, multidrug-resistant organisms like MRSA, fungi, and enveloped viruses such as coronaviruses, SARS, and Herpes Simplex, as well as bird flu (H5N1), swine flu (H1N1), HBV, HIV, HCV, and more. Rigorously Evaluated for Unmatched Effectiveness Logic Sept+ undergoes rigorous testing to ensure top-notch effectiveness and safety, meeting critical standards: DIN EN 14476: Confirms its ability to kill viruses in medical settings. DIN EN 1500: Validates its effectiveness as a hygienic hand rub to prevent infection spread. DIN EN 1040: Proves its capacity to eliminate bacteria, promoting hygiene. Opt for Logic Sept+ for advanced protection and a healthier environment, using cutting-edge technology to shield against infectious diseases.


Aloe Vera Enriched Antiseptic


Natural Disinfectant for Everyday Use
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Alcohol-Free Natural Disinfectant with Aloe Vera


    • Discover the Ultimate Alcohol-Free Disinfectant: Logic Sept+ for Daily Protection What Is Logic Sept+ Disinfectant? Logic Sept+ is a revolutionary antiseptic suitable for hands and skin, crafted for daily usage across all ages - from children to the elderly. As a natural, alcohol-free disinfectant, Logic Sept+ is infused with aloe vera, ensuring your skin remains moisturized and soft while providing robust protection.

  • Key Considerations Before Using Logic Sept+ Disinfectant
    Designed with sensitivity in mind, Logic Sept+ is ideal for those aged 3 and up, including individuals with sensitive skin. It's formulated to complement your skincare regimen without interfering with antibiotics, making it safe for combined use with other healthcare products.

    How Effective Is Logic Sept+ Disinfectant?
    At the heart of Logic Sept+ lies a high-efficacy molecule with a positive electrical charge, capable of breaking down cell walls due to its water and fat solubility. This critical feature allows Logic Sept+ to permeate cell membranes effectively, ensuring comprehensive antiseptic action.

    Applying Logic Sept+ Disinfectant for Optimal Skin Protection
    For hand disinfection, a mere 2 ml of Logic Sept+ is sufficient. Ensure complete coverage for effective protection. With Logic Sept+, your skin isn't just safeguarded against bacteria and viruses; it's also nurtured naturally, keeping it healthy and soft.

    Why Choose Logic Sept+?
    Opt for Logic Sept+ for a safe, gentle, and effective defense against pathogens, ensuring peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Embrace the synergy of nature and science with Logic Sept+, your partner in maintaining hygiene and skin health in one step.
Logic Sept+ Disinfectant: Versatile Protection Anywhere

Experience the convenience of Logic Sept+ Disinfectant, a light lotion offering lasting skin defense with just 2 ml. Its quick-absorbing formula creates an instant protective layer, perfect for both on-the-go and home use. Available from handy 100 ml to large 10-litre sizes, Logic Sept+ ensures easy application and effective protection in any setting.

Where Can You Use Logic Sept+ Disinfectant?
Embrace the broad-spectrum utility of Logic Sept+ across various environments, ensuring safety and hygiene wherever you are:
Hospitals: For patient, visitor, and staff protection.
Schools: Keeping classrooms and common areas germ-free.
Offices: Safeguarding workplaces for healthy business operations.
Events: Ensuring attendee safety at gatherings.
Restaurants: Maintaining cleanliness in dining and food prep areas.
Public Transport: Protecting passengers during their journeys.
Home: For daily family protection against germs.
And Beyond: Wherever hygiene and safety are priorities.

Logic Sept+ Disinfectant's unique formula and flexible packaging options make it your go-to solution for maintaining cleanliness and preventing the spread of germs in any setting. Choose Logic Sept+ for reliable, easy-to-use protection that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Versatile Skin-Protecting Disinfectant for All Environments

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