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Highly Efficient Surface Sanitizer

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Long-Lasting Surface Disinfectant for Home Hygiene

Ultimate Protection with Logic Germ Surface Disinfectant

Elevate your cleanliness standards with Logic Germ Surface Disinfectant, the premium solution for both hard and soft surfaces. Engineered for a lasting defense, this powerful disinfectant liquid eradicates harmful bacteria lurking on surfaces, ensuring a hygienic environment for you and your loved ones. Understanding that surfaces, just like our skin, harbor bacteria that can transfer to humans, maintaining a germ-free space is crucial. Regular use of Logic Germ Surface Disinfectant on your living spaces and frequently touched areas guarantees a safer, healthier home. Choose Logic Germ for a meticulously clean and protected environment, safeguarding your well-being with every application.


Which types are most effective for surfaces?


What are the alternatives to alcohol-based disinfectants for surfaces?
Application in bathroom Application in bathroom
Application in hospital Application in hospital
Application in common area Application in common area
Application in common area Application in common area
Application in steel Application in steel
Long-Lasting Surface Disinfectant


    • Discover the Power of Logic Germ: The Advanced Surface Disinfectant

      Introducing Logic Germ Surface Disinfectant Logic Germ stands out as a revolutionary surface antiseptic designed for comprehensive disinfection. Unlike traditional disinfectants, Logic Germ boasts a lasting impact and straightforward application, all while maintaining a lower alcohol content. This innovative formula ensures efficacy against a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses, making it a game-changer in surface disinfection.

  • Before Using Logic Germ: What to Know
    Logic Germ's key ingredient, benzalkonium chloride, is recognized for its skin-friendly properties, ensuring that contact with treated surfaces poses no harm or irritation. A standout feature of Logic Germ over conventional alcohol-based disinfectants is its minimal alcohol percentage. This not only diminishes the risk of fire but also extends its protective effect for up to three months, offering a safer and more durable solution for your disinfection needs.

    The Efficacy of Logic Germ
    Whereas standard alcohol disinfectants offer momentary germ elimination, Logic Germ creates a persistent, thin protective layer on treated surfaces and fabrics. This barrier ensures prolonged defense, ranging from several days to months, effectively reducing the frequency of reapplication needed.

    Applying Logic Germ: Best Practices
    For optimal results, Logic Germ can be sprayed or wiped onto surfaces, ensuring thorough coverage. The required activation time ranges from 1 to 15 minutes, depending on the surface type. For soft surfaces, incorporating Logic Germ into a steam cleaner offers an effective method of application, extending its protective reach.

    Embrace the advanced protection offered by Logic Germ Surface Disinfectant for a cleaner, safer environment.
Maximize Hygiene with Logic Germ: The Ultimate Surface Disinfectant Solution

Transform your cleaning routine with Logic Germ Surface Disinfectant, the superior choice for safeguarding any environment against a wide array of pathogens. Its carefully balanced alcohol formula ensures the pristine condition of both hard and soft surfaces without compromise, offering top-tier antiseptic effectiveness.

Perfect for Various Settings:

Hospitals: Enhance protection for both patients and healthcare professionals.
Schools: Maintain germ-free learning and play areas.
Offices: Foster a healthier, more productive workplace.
Community Centers: Ensure the well-being of all visitors.
Restaurants: Achieve the highest standards of kitchen and dining area hygiene.
Homes: Protect your family with a cleaner, safer living space.
Contact us for expert advice on implementing Logic Germ Surface Disinfectant in your cleaning regimen. Elevate your environmental hygiene effortlessly.

Logic Germ Surface Disinfectant: Versatile Antiseptic Cleaner for All Environments

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