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In today's world, it's clear that traditional hygiene standards no longer suffice, emphasizing the need for reliable and advanced disinfection solutions that adapt to modern hygiene requirements. Recognizing this need, we've innovated a series of disinfection devices tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences. Our cutting-edge disinfection machines are engineered to sanitize skin and personal items quickly and efficiently, ensuring compliance with contemporary hygiene practices. These solutions are designed for those seeking effective disinfection technologies that keep pace with the evolving standards of cleanliness.

Reliable disinfection technology

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Introducing the No-Touch Disinfection Machine, a sleek, contact-free solution for hand sanitation that effortlessly integrates into any setting. Beyond ensuring safety, it enhances your brand presence with customizable features for displaying logos or messages. Compact and efficient, it's perfect for maintaining hygiene in high-traffic areas.

Complementing this, our ULV Cold Fog Machine offers an extensive solution for disinfecting air and surfaces. Lightweight yet robust, it penetrates every corner to eliminate pathogens, ensuring a clean environment with minimal effort. Together, these devices form a comprehensive approach to hygiene, ideal for businesses prioritizing health and safety.

Air and surface disinfectant Contact-free hand sanitizer
High-Capacity Disinfectant Machine

No-touch Hand Sanitizer Machine

Ultimate Hygiene and Advertising Solution

Discover the No-Touch Hand Sanitizer Machine, your all-in-one solution for quick and efficient hand and personal item disinfection. This innovative device not only sanitizes hands but also features a compartment for items like keys, phones, and wallets. With its built-in screen, easily managed remotely, you can display your chosen videos, making it an ideal advertising platform. Additionally, an optional temperature gauge allows for instant user temperature checks, ensuring safety and convenience. Equipped with a 5-liter disinfectant capacity, it's designed to meet the hygiene needs of any high-traffic environment while offering added value through its multifunctional capabilities.

Remote Control Sanitization No-Touch Hand Sanitizer
Advanced Sanitizing Device


Advanced Sanitization for Indoor Spaces

Your Go-To Portable Solution for Sanitizing Indoor Spaces. Utilizing an advanced cold fogging technology, this machine delivers a fine mist capable of eliminating bacteria and germs from every surface and airborne particles. Engineered for efficiency, the ULV Disinfection Machine ensures comprehensive room and object disinfection swiftly, making it ideal for any interior setting in need of thorough sanitization.

Indoor Space Disinfection Quick Sanitization Method

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