ULV disinfection machine

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Long-Lasting Surface Disinfectant for Home Hygiene

Optimize Sanitation with the ULV Cold Fogging Disinfection Machine

In an era where cleanliness and safety are paramount, the ULV Disinfection Machine stands out as a compact, powerful solution for sanitizing interior spaces. Leveraging advanced cold fogging technology, this portable device efficiently eradicates bacteria and germs from both surfaces and the air, ensuring comprehensive room disinfection swiftly. Cold Fogging: A Superior Disinfection Method The machine's core technology produces a fine, cold mist, reaching every nook and cranny, effectively neutralizing airborne pathogens and ensuring surfaces are sanitized. This process is not only thorough but also quick, making it ideal for high-traffic areas needing rapid disinfection without downtime. Versatile and Fast Designed for versatility, the ULV Disinfection Machine is perfect for various settings including offices, schools, healthcare facilities, and homes. Its quick-action disinfection process allows for immediate re-use of rooms, reducing disruption and enhancing operational efficiency. User-Friendly Design Despite its sophisticated technology, the machine is incredibly user-friendly and portable. Its design ensures ease of use across different environments, offering a practical and effective solution to maintain high hygiene standards.




Versatile application Versatile application
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ULV Fogger for Disinfection


    • In an era where cleanliness is paramount, the ULV Disinfection Machine stands out as an indispensable tool for achieving unparalleled hygiene and safety. Known for its rapid action, superior effectiveness, and user-friendly operation, this device is a must-have for maintaining high standards of cleanliness in various settings.

  • Quick Guide to Using the ULV Disinfection Machine
    Safety First: Begin by donning protective gear, including a mask, goggles, long sleeves, pants, and durable footwear to shield against potential splashes or mist.

    Clear the Area: Ensure the space is vacated by all except the operator. This precaution includes pets to avoid exposure to disinfectants.

    Surface Compatibility Test: Before proceeding, apply a small amount of the disinfectant on surfaces to test for any adverse reactions, such as damage or discoloration. Our recommended disinfectant, Logic Sept+, is free from alcohol and other aggressive substances, offering a safe application across various surfaces.

    Prepare the Space: Enhance the disinfection process by opening drawers, doors, and other closures to allow the mist to reach more surfaces.

    Even Distribution: Start from the far end of the room, methodically moving the machine in a left-to-right motion while gradually working your way towards the exit. This ensures comprehensive coverage.

    Drying Time: Exit the area and allow sufficient time for the surfaces to dry completely, ensuring the disinfectant has settled and performed its action.
Maximize Hygiene with the ULV Disinfection Machine: Versatile Applications

The ULV Disinfection Machine is your all-encompassing solution for creating safer environments by efficiently disinfecting both surfaces and the air. Its usage ensures enhanced safety in your business or residential area, aligning with occupational health and safety standards through the proper application of disinfectants. This machine is a powerhouse in eradicating viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microbes, making it indispensable in a variety of settings:

Public Transport: Ensures safer travel for passengers by disinfecting seats, handles, and air.
Schools: Protects students and staff by sanitizing classrooms, hallways, and common areas.
Restaurants: Keeps dining areas, kitchens, and restrooms germ-free, promoting a healthy eating environment.
Offices: Maintains a hygienic workspace by disinfecting desks, meeting rooms, and shared spaces.
Homes: Secures your personal space by thoroughly disinfecting living areas, bedrooms, and playrooms.
Kitchens & Bathrooms: Targets these high-use areas to eliminate pathogens where they're most likely to breed.
Hospitals: Essential for patient rooms, operating theaters, and waiting areas to support infection control measures.
Events: Provides peace of mind at gatherings by sanitizing venues, ensuring a safe environment for attendees.
The ULV Disinfection Machine's versatility extends its use to virtually any setting that benefits from thorough disinfection, highlighting its role as a critical tool in maintaining public health and safety.

ULV Cold Fogger Disinfection System

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