Highly Effective Anti-Fungal Agent Against Fungi and Other Detrimental Microorganisms

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Chlorine-Free Long-Lasting Anti-Fungal Spray for Indoor Use

MoldEx: The Premier Chlorine-Free Anti-Fungal Spray

Discover MoldEx, the powerful anti-fungal solution designed for the safe and effective elimination of mold and harmful microorganisms in indoor environments. Formulated without bleach or chlorine, MoldEx is perfect for treating porous surfaces without the risk of damage. Experience the benefits of a product specifically engineered to provide long-lasting protection against fungi in your home or workplace. Benefits of MoldEx Anti-Fungal Spray: Chlorine-Free: Ensures a safer application without harsh chemicals. Long-Lasting Protection: Keeps areas mold-free for extended periods. Bleach-Free Formula: Safe for use on a wide range of surfaces, including porous materials. Turn to MoldEx for a trusted, eco-friendly approach to combating mold and maintaining a healthy, clean environment.


Innovative Anti-Fungal Solution


Guards Against Black Mold and Harmful Microorganisms
Tile & Joints Tile & Joints
Steam application Steam application
Sewer pipe Sewer pipe
Bathroom Bathroom
Furniture Furniture
Carpet Carpet
Toys Toys
Non-Bleach Mold Treatment


    • Discover the MoldEx Difference Elevate your mold cleaning routine with MoldEx, the innovative anti-fungal solution engineered to eradicate mold and harmful microorganisms from a variety of surfaces. Distinguished by its absence of chlorine and bleach, MoldEx offers a groundbreaking, eco-friendly alternative to conventional mold removal products.

  • Introducing MoldEx Anti-Fungal Spray
    MoldEx is a groundbreaking anti-fungal spray, setting a new standard in mold removal with its chlorine-free and bleach-free formula. Ideal for a wide range of surfaces, MoldEx ensures a safer environment while effectively targeting mold and other harmful microorganisms.

    Effective Mold Control with MoldEx
    MoldEx combats moisture-related mold growth by removing existing molds and preventing future occurrences. Ensure good ventilation and address moisture for lasting results.

    Simple MoldEx Application for Maximum Protection
    Apply MoldEx evenly to affected areas. For walls, wait two hours before scrubbing. MoldEx also acts as a protective primer for untreated surfaces, readying them for painting or wallpapering.

    Choose MoldEx for a healthier, mold-free living space without the harshness of chlorine or bleach.
Versatile MoldEx Anti-Fungal Spray: Protect Every Corner of Your Home

Discover the wide-ranging applications of MoldEx anti-fungal spray, crafted for effective use on diverse surfaces including porous minerals, leather, wallpaper, textiles, wood, and plastic. Whether it's your curtains, carpets, or children's toys, MoldEx ensures a mold-free environment. For an enhanced effect, using MoldEx with a steam device on fabrics and toys is highly recommended.

MoldEx is not just another anti-fungal solution; it's a powerful defender against the most stubborn microorganisms, including black mold, known for its adverse health effects such as respiratory issues, allergic reactions, and asthma, all triggered by mycotoxins. Secure your home's health with MoldEx anti-fungal spray, your frontline defense against mold and its harmful impacts.

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