Sanitizing for Skin Protection

The use of disinfectants has increased significantly. Just washing hands is no longer sufficient to clean and protect yourself against bacteria and viruses. To protect your hands and skin keep in mind to choose the right disinfectants. When using a disinfection, it is important to keep the 'good' bacteria on your skin intact, as these contribute to your resistance. When you use disinfectants that also kill these good bacteria on your skin, you are ultimately more susceptible to bacteria and viruses instead of protected. Keeping the good bacteria on your skin intact can be achieved with disinfectants with a low percentage of alcohol. For this reason, we have produced disinfectants containing 30% alcohol (propanol) and disinfectants containing 0% alcohol, but consists of benzalkonium as the active ingredient.

Best skin disinfectants for daily use?

Logic Sept and Logic Sept+ Disinfectants

Kind to the Environment and Your Skin. Our Logic Sept and Logic Sept+ disinfectants feature advanced, eco-conscious formulations that are gentle on the skin while meeting and exceeding rigorous hygiene standards, including DIN EN 14476, DIN EN 1500, and DIN EN 1040. These standards attest to their superior virucidal and bactericidal effectiveness. Perfectly suited for a wide range of settings, from healthcare and educational institutions to offices and communal spaces, our disinfectants are formulated with sensitive skin in mind, making them safe for use by children as young as three years old.

Available in a variety of sizes to suit different needs and environments, Logic Sept and Logic Sept+ offer unparalleled protection in areas such as restaurants, hotels, public transportation, and homes. They are the ideal solutions for ensuring cleanliness and health safety in every aspect of daily life. Choose Logic Sept and Logic Sept+ for a superior hygiene regimen that cares for the planet and the well-being of your skin.

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Ensure Ultimate Protection with Logic Sept Disinfectant: Your Barrier Against 99.99% of Harmful Microbes. Unleash the power of Logic Sept Disinfectant to safeguard you and your family from a wide array of pathogens, including 99.99% of bacteria, MRSA, fungi, and enveloped viruses such as coronaviruses, SARS, Herpes Simplex, as well as bird flu (H5N1), swine flu (H1N1), HBV, HIV, and HCV. Embrace peace of mind with a disinfectant designed for comprehensive defense.

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Upgrade to Logic Sept+ Disinfectant: Zero Alcohol, Rich in Aloe Vera for Maximum Protection. Experience top-tier disinfection with Logic Sept+, boasting a revolutionary 0% alcohol and 20% aloe vera formula. This powerful disinfectant guarantees 99.99% effectiveness against a wide array of pathogens, including tough bacteria, MRSA, fungi, and enveloped viruses like coronaviruses, SARS, Herpes Simplex, as well as bird flu (H5N1), swine flu (H1N1), HBV, HIV, and HCV, offering comprehensive protection without compromising skin health.

Maintaining skin health with frequent disinfectant use? How does aloe vera enhance disinfectant effectiveness?

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