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Gentle hand and skin disinfectant

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Logic Sept

Safeguard Your Health with Logic Sept Disinfectant

Elevate your health and safety protocols with Logic Sept Disinfectant, the ultimate solution against 99.99% of pathogens, including bacteria, MRSA, fungi, coronaviruses, and influenza viruses. This powerful antiseptic is designed for comprehensive disinfection of hands and skin, making it perfect for both professional healthcare settings and everyday use. Certified by DIN EN standards, Logic Sept guarantees efficacy and protection for your family and workplace.

Tested according to DIN EN 14476: Confirms the ability to kill viruses in medical environments. DIN EN 1500: Validates effectiveness as a hygienic hand rub to prevent the spread of infections. DIN EN 1040: Proves the capacity to eliminate bacteria, and promotes hygiene. Choose Logic Sept for advanced protection and a healthier environment, using groundbreaking technology to guard against infectious diseases.


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    • What type of product is Logic Sept disinfectant?

      Logic Sept disinfectant serves as an antiseptic solution for sanitizing hands and skin. It is designed for professional applications, including puncture treatments and surgical operations. Furthermore, Logic Sept disinfectant is appropriate for daily use in various settings.

  • Key Features of Logic Sept Disinfectant

    Versatile Antiseptic: Suitable for hands and skin, Logic Sept is ideal for a range of applications, from routine hygiene to pre-surgical disinfection.
    Family-Friendly: Safe for use on individuals aged three and above, and formulated for sensitive skin, ensuring protection for all family members.
    Antibiotic-Compatible: Can be used alongside antibiotics without diminishing their efficacy, offering a holistic approach to health and hygiene.
    Advanced Formula: Powered by a large, positively charged molecule that penetrates cell walls to ensure thorough disinfection.

    How to Use Logic Sept for Best Results
    For effective disinfection, apply Logic Sept to fully cover the skin or hands with a simple dose of 2 ml. Its quick-absorbing formula provides long-lasting defense against germs without leaving any sticky residue.

    Ideal for Multiple Environments
    Logic Sept's non-sticky, fast-drying lotion is perfect for use in high-risk areas such as schools, hospitals, offices, public transportation, and restaurants. Its convenient packaging options make it easy to maintain hygiene on the go, while its excellent dermatological rating affirms its suitability for regular use.
Discover the Ideal Applications for Logic Sept Disinfectant

Logic Sept disinfectant, with its lightweight formula, seamlessly penetrates your skin's pores, ensuring effective absorption without leaving any residue. This means you can enjoy the benefits of sanitized hands without the inconvenience of stickiness, as it dries within seconds. Available in a variety of sizes, Logic Sept disinfectant is designed for convenience and portability, thanks to its diverse bottle designs and closures. Whether you're at home or on the move, Logic Sept makes hygiene effortless and accessible. Moreover, its dermatological rating of 'excellent' underscores its suitability for sensitive skin.

Recommended Uses for Logic Sept Disinfectant Include:

Educational institutions
Healthcare facilities
Corporate environments
Mass transit systems
Dining establishments
Special events
Residential settings
And much more. Embrace the versatility and reliability of Logic Sept disinfectant for maintaining cleanliness and health in any setting.

Non-Sticky Fast-Drying Logic Sept Disinfectant for Sensitive Skin

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